Future Queens

We are constantly improving our breeding stock, upgrading our lineup of Queens with each new generation.  Keep an eye on these gorgeous young girls in the months to come!

Glenparth Aphrodite

Glenparth Aphrodite (aka Aphro) is a super sleek impressive girl. She has a rare platinum coat which really helps to highlight her lovely rosettes. Aphro also has great puffy whiska pads and beautiful colouration of both her rosettes and background colours to give her a lovely warm sorrel colour. She is covered in glitter and has an amazing inquistive personality. She tends to be the first one into anything and everything! We feel she will make a wonderful ambassador for the breed.


Glenparth Bacio

Glenparth Bacio (aka Bess) is an amazing upcoming girl for the cattery. She has a wonderful clear coat with striking bold contrast and large eye catching rosettes. To top that all off she also has great conformation giving her a real look of her asian leopard ancestors. Bess also displays a wonderful highly sought after straight head profile and lovely full puffy whisker pads. We cant wait to see what she produces with our new stud boy Zanipolo!

Glenparth Nairobi

Nairobi is the super exciting new kid on the block. Nairobi is our keeper girl from Glenparth Special Effects and Blissnmore Orinocho. Nairobi boasts a wonderful clear coat with three wonderful warm tones in her large funky rosettes. We are well known for our WOW factor cats with wonderful warm ginger tones and Nairobi is no exception. She is also plastered in glitter with a wonderful playful quite nature making her the ultimate little package!!



Glenparth Bella Rose

Bella Rose is a stunning brown rossetted girl which we are thrilled to have bred here. She has large funky shaped rosettes with great contrast a tight coat and is plastered in glitter. She has a truly wild type look the a long sleek body excellent horizontal flow and great puffy whiska pads with a strong face profile. We expect some amazing kittens from her in the future…