Glenparth is home to four stunning Stud Bengals.

Gucci Zanipolo

We would like to thank Amy from Gucci Bengals for entrusting us with this wonderful boy. Gucci Zanipolo (aka Gucci) is a total package! Wonderful big rosettes with bold contrasted colours and great definition. Gucci has super puffy whisker pads and is plastered in glitter. To top it all off he has a great quiet and affectionate personality always wanting a pat or cuddle. We eagerly await his first progeny in 2019…

Glenparth Zambezi

We are exceptionally proud to introduce our first homegrown studboy!

Glenparth Zambezi is from our two most favourite cats Heathbrae Silver Lining and Blissnmore Orinocho. Little Zambezi is showing all the best personality traits of both parents making him outgoing, friendly and always up to mischief!! He has wonderful contrasted markings and his rosettes are getting stronger every week. When in the sunlight he just lights up with his amazing glitter. We cant wait to watch him grow.

Glitterglam Absolut of Glenparth

Imported from the UK, Absolut is a rosetted Snow Seal Mink of excellent type, bathed in glitter with exceptional conformation.  His funky shaped rosettes are proving a stylish stamp on his kittens!  Click on the thumbnails below to view images.


 Blissnmore Orinocho

Imported from the UK, Orinocho is the total package. This real WOW factor Brown Rosetted Boy has it all, with fabulous conformation and bathed in glitter. He is really stamping himself into his kittens! Click on the thumbnails below to view images.

Warpaint Heartbreaker (retired)

Warpaint Heartbreaker (aka Tyrone) is a great assett to the Glenparth cattery. This lovely big brown rosetted boy has rich warm colours with super markings. Tyrone is the total package in both looks and personality and has produced some absolutely spectacular kittens in his short time with us already.

Artattack Electric Blue (retired)

Electric Blue (aka ‘Baloo’) is proving to be a fantastic asset to the Glenparth breeding program.  A rare blue rosetted Bengal, he has  excellent conformation and a clear coat displaying sharp markings which he passes on to all his kittens.  Keep a lookout from some blue Baloo babies coming soon!  Click on the thumbnails below to view images.