The World Wide Web is a big place for a cat… it’s hard to see the wood for the trees!  Here are some of Glenparth’s favourite sites…


Advance Feline Chicken and Rice for our adults and Advance Kitten Chicken and Rice for our kittens.
Bengals swear by it!
We’ve tried many diets: but my cats and dogs have never looked so healthy as on Advance.


Maiseys Pet Boutique

We recommend Maiseys Pet Boutique for the fabulous range of products which are ideally suited to Bengals.

At Maiseys Pet Boutique, we understand the importance of providing enriching and stimulating environments for our feline companions. Did you know that cats have natural instincts for hunting and play that need to be nurtured for their overall well-being? Many cat owners may not realize the significance of offering a variety of toys and activities to keep their cats physically and mentally engaged.

That’s why at Maiseys Pet Boutique, we offer a wide selection of interactive cat toys designed to tap into your cat’s natural instincts and provide hours of entertainment. From feather teasers and laser pointers to puzzle toys and scratching posts, we have everything you need to keep your kitty active, happy, and engaged.

Additionally, we provide cozy cat beds, secure carriers, and stylish collars to support every aspect of your cat’s lifestyle. Visit Maiseys Pet Boutique today and discover how a playful environment filled with engaging toys and comforting essentials can enhance your cat’s quality of life and strengthen your bond with your feline friend. Because a happy cat is a healthy cat!


The International Bengal Cat Society
Glenparth Bengals is a registered breeder
A volunteer-based, non-profit organisation forming the oldest and largest Bengal community in the world.

The International Cat Association
Glenparth Bengals is a registered breeder
The world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats.

Australian National Cats Inc.
All Glenparth’s kittens come registered with pedigree papers from ANCATS
Affiliated with the World Cat Federation, ANCATS is the first and only national cat registry in Australia.


Oscar’s Law
Opposing Puppy Farms and Pet Shop Kittens
Factory-style farming of dogs and cats is an abhorrent practice, and the resulting animals commonly suffer severe psychological disorders. Glenparth supports Oscar’s Law in the campaign to ban these practices, and recommends potential owners only purchase puppies and kittens from reputable breeders or welfare shelters.